The State of Education 2013

How do we know we have a great education system if we never allow or encourage those directly involved to share their experiences?

To conclude one of the courses I was teaching this past spring, I asked my students to make a 60 second video that expressed their feelings about their time in school.   Working alongside them, I decided to use the above question to drive my “Exit Portrait” project, where I asked 18 students and 1 teacher to pose for a portrait in a way that reflected their high school experience.  Although there are only a small number of portraits, they are quite revealing.  You can see the portraits here.


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Hillside 1992-2004

My family is gearing up for our first of 3 music festivals this summer.  The Hillside Festival, which takes place at Guelph Lake, was our favourite for many years.  We stopped attending 4 or 5 years ago for a number of reasons, but we’ve decided to give it another shot this year.  I give the festival a lot of credit for helping me discover many of my favourite musical artists.  I also think it helped inspire my love of photography, as many of my favourite photos were taken at the festival.

To celebrate Hillside’s 30th anniversary, I thought I would share some of my photos from the last 20 or so years.

We attended our first Hillside in 1992 (or maybe 1991 – not sure I took any photos the first year).  It was a very different experience than today.  I remember arriving at Guelph Lake on Friday evening and being told to simply drive to the site we wanted and to set up camp.  We ended up on a site very close to the island.  I think we also bought our tickets at the gate.  Today, the weekend passes sell out in minutes (long before the lineup is announced) and the campsites are reserved 6 months in advance.

This photo of Valdy on the main stage, taken with my film camera, is one of my first photos of the festival.  My guess is this was the 9th festival (although it could be 8), which means it was 1992.


The only other film photos worth sharing may be from the same festival, but they may also be from the following year.  Hillside was where I first saw the Rheostatics, a band that I went on to see at least half a dozen more times before they disbanded.  I think these may be from their infamous performance with Jane Sibbery.

Rheostatics - Martin Tielli

Martin Tielli.

Rheostatics - Dave Bidini and Tim Vesley

Dave Bidini and Tim Veseley. Continue reading »

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How to be?

A different type of good noise. I remember reading this book in University and finding this passage very meaningful. This image I found the other day immediately reminded me of it, so I decided to put them together.

Image credit – Unknown

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New Photo Essay – 48 Hours at the W.O.D.L.

After many attempts to edit the 500 or so photos I took at the WODL festival down to a reasonable number, I have decided to stop at 76. There are a lot more good photos that I will try to share in the near future.

My hope is that these photos tell the story of the hard work and dedication put forth by the Owen Sound Little Theatre as they travelled to Guelph to set up and present their play, “Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun”. It was an incredible thing to witness. A true community event.

Click Here to start slideshow.

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Among The Trees

Two of my favourite things.

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