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Disappearing into Yellow

I’ve been published.  My friend, Craig, asked me to write a review of a Leica M9 for his website, Canon Rumours.  You can read it here.

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Full Moon Rising

Had a wonderful day yesterday.  Drove to the Beach, played some mini-golf, had some ice cream, drove to Southampton, went for a beer, went for a swim, had a wonderful meal at the Southampton Inn (very reasonable, too – just the way I like it), drove home, had a fire.  And my camera only left its bag once – on the way home to capture the full moon.


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STOP The Wind Turbines!

This photo was taken just around the corner from our house.  The wind turbines are a big issue here right now as Meaford is considering allowing the construction of a wind farm not far from here.  Not sure how I feel about it, although it won’t have much effect on us.  I fully support green energy.  It’s just hard to know who to trust.


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Strange Day – Part 3

Another 2 minutes down the road and this was my view of the city.  Normally you can see the highway and parts of Owen Sound from this point, but not on this day.  The blue skies of Leith quickly turned to this strange colour that I had never seen before.  It appeared to be caused by the bright sun from the east shining on the snow squall in the west.


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Seeking Shelter


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