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Keeping a record through a lens

My local newspaper, The Owen Sound Sun Times, contacted me Friday about doing a story on the photos I took in the old CP building.  We got together Saturday for a brief interview and photo session and the story ran today.  Here is the link: Keeping a record through a lens.

You can also see the photos from the PPG building here.

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Rusting Roof

Taken on a photo expedition with Bill Murphy. 

Another one of my photos was chosen as noteworthy on Photo Friday, this time for the category "School".  Interesting to look at all the noteworthy photos – mine is quite different than the rest.  Although, I do have a bit of an advantage.  Peace.

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Self-Portrait in Frames

A fairly accurate representation of how I felt yesterday.  Still finding myself worrying about what others think of my photography.  Good or bad is not what this is all about.  Peace.

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Yesterday, I made the mistake of turning on our local radio station, the Mix 106, the voice of the community, to hear a disgusting ad from Pace Law Firm that is indicative of the times we live in.  The ad is narrated by a regular "Joe the Plumber" type talking about how happy Pace Law Firm is to be part of a community like Owen Sound, where being a good neighbour is important and where problems in the past have been solved in a very neighbourly way.  The ad goes on to suggest that if you are wronged by your neighbour than perhaps dealing with it in a neigbourly way is unwise.  Instead, Pace Law Firm – or money – should be involved.  It ends on the ironic suggestion that Pace Law Firm is a proud part of the community.

I was stunned.  I actually said out loud, "What the hell was that?" and immediately wrote an e-mail to both Pace Law Firm and our local radio station:

To whom it may concern,

I just happened to turn on my local radio station, the Mix106, to hear your most recent advertisement.  What a horrible message you have chosen to send out over the ‘public’ airwaves:  that money is more important than neighbourliness.  No wonder our communities are in such poor shape when people with money, like your law firm and the radio station – a station that claims to be the voice of our community – choose to use this money to negatively influence the minds of others in order to make more money.  Is there ever enough?  There are things more important than money in this world.  Neighbourliness should probably be one of them.

What a shame.


John Fearnall

I doubt I will receive a response from either party mainly because that is the nature of the mass media – it is a monologue, not a dialogue.  We allow companies to monopolize the message because we don’t think it affects us  – which is exactly the reason it works so well.

It felt good to push the send button.  Too often I have things to say, but hold back out of fear.  No longer.  I encourage you to speak up as well.

"Insanity is a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world."  – R.D. Laing.  I know this is a re-post from a few days ago, but it seems to fit better here.


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