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Alien Among Us

Spotted this guy during one of my walks. The snow is supposed to return today (boo!) so I thought I would squeeze a few more winter photos in.


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Friday Night Lights

Sorry for not posting a photo yesterday.  Things have been a little crazy around here, in a good way.  This photo is from the annual Friday Night Lights football game won, unfortunately, by our cross-town rivals, WHSS, this year.  This photo of my daughter, Taegan, was taken with a Leica M9, a camera that I have been asked to use for a week or two and write about my experiences with for a very successful website.  I will let you know when the article is up.  So far, I have had a lot of fun with it.  It has taken a while to get used to manually focusing a camera again, but there is something about the quality of the focus that I really like.  Now I just have to make sure my skills are just as good.  For example, I love this photo, but I guess I was so distracted by the focusing that I did not pay attention to my composition.  If I had just moved slightly to my left and had the referees balancing Taegan’s face, it would be a far better photo.  Or maybe I am just being too picky.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.


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3 Times A Lady

My friend, Adrienne, hates this picture.  I can’t blame her, but I do love the image.  By the way, that is not her hand.


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The Hairy Eyeball

I took it as a compliment to hear that I captured an elusive look.


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The Girl With The Golden Hair

Tyya, helping me wash the car.  Or, more accurately, Tyya washing the car while I take pictures.  I love this portrait.  Peace.

"No more ‘should’ – either do or don’t do" – John Fearnall, plagiarizing Master Yoda, Mr. Miyagi, and others.

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