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Sundaes * Onion Rings * Burgers * Fries * Footlongs

Taken in Durham on our way home from seeing the Harlem Globetrotters.


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One Large Crepe

Took the Hot Tub Time Machine back to the late 80’s with the girls in tow this weekend.  We visited the schools we attended in London, showed them where we lived around town, had a great meal at Jack Astor’s on Saturday night and saw the Harlem Globetrotters on Sunday afternoon.  For those of you watching The Amazing Race, Flight Time played but Big Easy did not.  Before the game we had another great meal at Cora.  This photo clearly demonstrates that Tyya did not take my good friend Bill Murphy’s advice to never eat anything bigger than your head.  We had a great time!

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An Olympic Feat

Stopped to have some McDonald’s at the food court where we regularly met with the Globe’s Editor and I could not believe the number of people that were working behind the counter.  If I was back there, I would have been knocking heads with everybody.


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Sunday School

We went to Sunday School, a weekly party not far from our villa, but unfortunately, it was not happening this week.  Not really a big surprise as it was just another item in a long list of annoyances.  However, there was a smaller version up the road that we decided to try.  We had a fun meal under this tent.  My daughter, Tyya, says this was one of her highlights of the trip.


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S’more smores

My daughter, Tyya.  Peace.

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