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Kipper, Kathy + Sammy

One more before I move on. This one is my favourite.

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” – Albert Einstein


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Into the Distance

If I remember correctly, this is Kathy’s favourite of the day.


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Horsing Around in the Snow

This might be a re-post, but I thought it was a good way to start my 2010 photos. This is a photo of my friend, Kathy, and her horse, Kipper, taken in early 2010 in a fairly heavy snowfall. My timing is also right as we got our first hint of winter yesterday. Hope everyone had a happy Hallowe’en.


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Untitled (Summer Edition)

Recognize this photo?  It’s a far inferior version of this one.

"Formerly no one was allowed to think freely; now it is permitted, but no one is capable of it any more. Now people want to think only what they are supposed to think, and this they consider freedom." – Oswald Spengler in The Decline of the West (1919)


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Seeking Shelter


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