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Lighted Curve


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Stop Light Fireworks


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With Glowing Hearts

Likely another re-post, but the timing justifies it.  This image is both a perfect shot to finish off my Olympic photos and a fitting tribute to the Canadian juniors who won silver in the World Hockey Championship.  Canada is a special place – I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Shot during the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.


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Don’t Stop Believin’

I chaperoned the dance at my high school last night.  This is a photo from when Journey came on.  Hard to believe this song is probably more popular now than when I was in high school oh so many years ago.  I also recognized Depeche Mode at one point.

Happy Buy Nothing Day!


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Final Frame

My final shot from the 2010 Olympics.

Had a pretty spectacular trip home yesterday.  Although we were warned that we should arrive 4 hours early for our flight, it took us just over an hour to go from hotel to gate, and that includes a 45 minute ride to the airport.  Arriving in Toronto also went very well, although Stacey and I expected to see 5 blue coated volunteers to help us find the Park ‘N Fly shuttle pick-up point when we arrived.  When we did find it, the shuttle pulled up immediately and took us to our car.  Unfortunately, I guess things were going a little too smoothly as when I tried to start our car the battery was dead.  A phone call to Toyota and an hour later we were on the road.  Arrived home at just after 2 am, back up at 6:45 to give my daughters a hug and get my oldest to band practice.  Going to pick her up at noon so we can share with them all the loot we brought back.  A good night sleep will hopefully get me back to normal. 

Still basking in the glow.  A pretty phenomenal experience.

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