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Sundaes * Onion Rings * Burgers * Fries * Footlongs

Taken in Durham on our way home from seeing the Harlem Globetrotters.


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Hangin’ Out at Jenny’s Restaurant

Stopped to eat here on the way back from the north of the island.  The restaurant was pretty cool as it was a huge tree house on the beach.  The food was okay, but the wait time was horrendous. 


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Sunday School

We went to Sunday School, a weekly party not far from our villa, but unfortunately, it was not happening this week.  Not really a big surprise as it was just another item in a long list of annoyances.  However, there was a smaller version up the road that we decided to try.  We had a fun meal under this tent.  My daughter, Tyya, says this was one of her highlights of the trip.


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Louis’ Dream

I didn’t notice this one the first time through, but I really like it.  Same location as the last two days’ photos.  Peace.

Update:  I like it so much I am giving it a second day. 

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Le Charbon Restaurant

Stacey and I had an excellent steak dinner at this restaurant located in the railway station in Quebec City.  Peace.

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