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Footprints + Shadows

Rabbits, I think.


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Shadow Control

Peace, Happiness.

Update – As often happens, I updated some of my software last night and strange things started to happen.  I apologize for anything that looks different or does not work properly.  I will try to clear out the bugs this afternoon.

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A Bird in the Tree

Something a little different again today.  If you have seen most of my posts than you have likely seen this tree before.  However, in the original version of this picture, too much of the tree gets lost in the background.  Using this technique emphasizes both the tree and its shadow.  Peace, Happiness.

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Shadow Golfers

This is the infamous foursome of Bill Murphy, Brad Morley, Gary Lawless, and me playing a round of golf at Zak Kerr’s stag.  It was quite a day, although I don’t think I can share any of the other photos with you.  Peace, Happiness.

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