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Daddy Longlegs

Not sure what he/she is doing – he looked like he was cleaning his long leg.


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I’ve got my eyes on you

Another late post.  I can’t wait to have these internet issues resolved.

Spotted this guy while taking Ozzy for a swim.  Any idea what kind of spider it is?


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Submerged Spider Web

This was so weird.  A spider had spun its web inside a rain barrel and then it rained.  Rather than disintegrating, the web seemed to get thicker by collecting all the dirt in the water.  It did not last long, though, as it broke apart shortly after I took this picture.


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Spider at Dusk


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A Spider from Mars

Another technique I experimented with early in my photographic life was blur. I am not sure if the spider in this photo is actually out of focus or if it is blurry because of the long exposure in low light conditions. Either way, I like the way it looks. My wife would say it is creepy, but I think creepy is often good. Peace, Happiness.

update – It turns out my wife thinks she may have taken this picture. It is sad to say, but I can’t really remember so she might be right. Anyway, I still like it, and you will see that I did embrace blur soon enough.

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